Thanks for reading. I don’t suspect that psychic abilities “work” at all, at least not in the way they are advertised. I’m open to evidence to the contrary. Relationships are complex, but relationships between people is something that can be measured and that we can build models regarding. Relationships with enigmatic powers granting knowledge from beyond is quite different. If you can demonstrate that works in any way, or how a mathematical model can be applied to make useful predictions regarding it, you can go write your own meal ticket and turn the science community on its head.


Allow me to do just that.

Firstly, a few notes:

  1.  This will be long and complex with lots of sources.
  2. This is relatively unknown.  What you are about to learn is rare.
  3. The concept of psychic information gathering is…the tip of a very massive iceberg.


Let us begin.

The psychic phenomenon is very real.  Unfortunately, it is perpetuated by people who seldom have the background required to understand and indeed, optimize, its function.  Likewise, the tragic and polar opposite is true.  Those with the training and education to examine it and optimize it, tend to dismiss it entirely before investigating.  I’ll attempt, in this post, to explain how it works.  The actual mechanism of action.  Methods of optimization, and testable predictions that could be made as well as some that have already been made.  This will be broken into three parts.  Part 1 will be quantum  neurobiology.  Part 2 will be quantum mechanics.  Part 3 will be function of the paired apparatus, predicting and resulting in psychic ability.


Part 1:  Quantum NeuroBiology

In your cells, and in most every cell there are structures called microtubules.  These are densely packed, protein tubes with polarity.


These structures help everything from single celled organisms to your skin cells retain their shape, and allow for mitosis.  In your neurons (your brain cells) there are up to 10,000,000,000 (ten billion).


The green in these pictures is the mesh-work of these structures. In this particular picture you are witnessing their roles in repairing a neural network (fascinating, but not the subject of this post.)

It is important to note that microtubules act as quantum computers.   This is not a small computer.  Quantum computation is simply a system capable of chambering a subatomic particle in a state of superposition or decoherence.  One might think of it as “fuzzy probability.”  We can establish this by measuring the resonance these structures have, as well as calculating the polarity shift.

The more familiar skeptics will stop anyone here, and point out that neurons are far too warm to host a quantum process like this.

However, humans are discovering each year more and more biological processes that rely on quantum interactions.  Proteins for one.  Photosynthesis for another.:


Even more strangely, benzene rings also interact with the quantum.  Their quantum spin transfer increases with temperature.  It appears that warm biological environments are no strangers to quantum influence.  Benzene will ring a bell with an organic chemists, because it is structurally similar to dopamine.

These microtubules, harboring their quantum fluctuations, are speculated to be the source of consciousness itself.

Interestingly enough, when common anesthesia gases (isoflurane, sevoflurane and others) are applied to a system, they tend to enter a cell and latch directly onto microtubules.  Suspending consciousness.  Even deadening response to electrical shock on the nerves.  In fact, there is something called a “microstim” in nearly every operating room in the country for this exact purpose.  It is used to measure the state of paralysis by shocking a patient.

Giant Pyramidal Neurons are the neurons responsible for your EEG.  These are located within the fifth layer of the grey matter of the primary motor cortex.  Loaded with microtubules, they have a downward cascade from the top apical dendrite (that’s the long stem at the top to the basilar dendrites (the roots.)  When we measure an EEG, this is the neuron we are looking at.


So why do we care about all of this?  Where is the psychic part?

We care because these bio-quantum systems are critical to understanding how consciousness works.  An experiment was done with a computer model of a C elegans.  They mapped every neuron in a digital format and watched what happened.  You can too.  As it turns out, the initial model did absolutely nothing, while subsequent models lacked variation in movement.

What does this mean?  It means that even with a computer simulating our neural network, there is something critical missing from the environment that our biology is specifically able to interact with.

In fact, the first experiments to recreate life yielded amphipathic molecules.  These molecules are structured naturally just like benzene.  Susceptible to quantum spin transfer with temperature increase.  Amphipathic on the left.  Benzene on the right.


In summation, we have biological processes that are susceptible (almost necessitate) quantum interaction in wave form collapse and synaptic electrochemical transfer.


Part 2 Quantum Mechanics

It is critical to understand the world you see around you operates under the classical mechanics of physics.  These are the Newtonian equations you studied, Copernicus, Pythagoras, Einstein.

However, as we examine the atoms, and subatomic particles, we find they behave very differently.  They can be in two places at once.  This even applies to visible objects.

Other objects can pass through solid barriers, or even “teleport” to a new location.  Even when electrons change energy states in an atom, they do so instantly.  Faster than light.  Somehow.


There are various explanations for this.  String theory would propose that these particles are derived from an even small structure called ‘strings’ which operate in a different dimensional view.  E8 suggests a macrostructure that operates in advanced non-euclidean space.  Either way, the result is the same.  We are in a world of tiny particles that can affect a system in very strange ways.

One of the strangest ways is the “double slit” experiment.  In this experiment, we fire photons (or electrons) at two cuts in a barrier.  The photons form an interference pattern against the far wall.  Why?  Because they are waves.  Wave functions, when they touch each other, cancel each other out, or enhance their effect.  Making a pattern of light and dark and light….

This even works if we just use one photon at a time.  Which means it interacts with itself.  Which means…oddly…it is taking BOTH openings at the same time as a wave.


However, when we put a detector to watch and see where the photons are going, they change.  Instead of being a single wave that spreads out, they change into a single particle.  We call this “wave form collapse.”

Understand this carefully.  A photon or electron doesn’t just hit the barrier.  It takes every single possible path to the screen.  Every single one.  It goes for the barrier with the two cuts and veers off.  Or it goes through it.  Or it orbits the planet once first.  All of them.  Every path possible.   It is the act of observing it that narrows down the path to the only two options.

Eerily…somehow it “knows” it was being watched.

The weirdness doesn’t stop there either.  Particles can become entangled, sharing information about their state across vast distances.  Somehow the entangled pairs are communicating their spin states to one another.  With no wires, no contact.  And they are doing it instantly, faster than light.

Again, there are different models explaining the strangeness of the quantum world we live in.  But they all share one commonality.  They necessitate higher dimensions.

By dimensions, I don’t mean parallel realities.  I am referring instead to “modes” or systems.  I’ll briefly explain these up to the fifth dimension, though there could be as many as 26, excluding dimensional reduction.

The first dimension is a line.

The second dimension is two lines, occupying two distinguishable places.  Like the letter Y.  It has two branches, necessitating length and width.

The third is…well…you.  You are made of three dimensions.  Length, width, and height.

The fourth is time.  What does something look like in the fourth dimension?  It looks smeared out.  If you looked at it, you would see it in multiple locations all at once.  Want an example?


You are seeing a single sparkler in 4 dimensions.  From start to finish.  If you look closely, you can see the ghostly shadow of a human using it to cleverly write.  You are seeing the sparkler from its initial light, to its fade on the far end.  The totality of its shimmering existence.

In reality, it would have been lit, and the human would have waved it about, and you would have no idea what the final result was, because humans are three dimensional creatures.  We can’t see the fourth without help.  But once we do..its breathtaking.

Curious, isn’t it?  It is a discussion for another post, but entertain for a moment the following:  If you looked at the world around you in 4 dimensions, what would you see?


The fifth dimension is probability.  Lets presume that the human also might have written “Peace,” or “Love.”  The fifth dimension allows you to see those probable outcomes as well.  So instead of just “freedom,” you would see the ghostly image of other words spelled out, maybe in different heights or directions.  Maybe the human would have worn a different shirt?  You’d see that to.  Maybe a meteor would have passed by?  You’d see that.

Do you recall the interference pattern from the double slit experiment?  How some lines were dimmer than others on the first screen?  That’s because they have a lower probability of occurring.  Which means some of these other words would be dimmer.  Or brighter, depending on their probability of occurring.  That is the fifth dimension.

Quantum particles can do what they do because they exist in, at least, those five dimensions.  They exist as particles under the influence of probability.  They swim in that sea.  Unlike humans who are confined to 3 dimensions.  These particles are unbound by those dimensions and can exist, or not, in any given system.  We perceive the behavior as weird because we can only grasp a tiny portion of their true nature, and even then, we need help to do it!

To sum up, we have quantum particles and states that are blurry possibilities that have a wave function collapse, interacting with a system based on probability.



Before I continue on to the mechanics of psychic ability, we need to consider the first two parts carefully.

First, we have structures in our brains, capable of synaptic cascade that are susceptible to quantum fluctuations and interacting with quantum states.  That is independent of the direct senses we possess and are familiar with (sight, sound, taste, heat, hearing, texture…)

Secondly, we have particles that can jump in and out of structures, and transfer information directly.  They can become entangled, or stuck in a state of non-locality, existing in multiple places at once.

From this we would conclude that this quantum neurobiology would be imperfect and more than likely cause effects that are CONTRARY to our senses.  We would see/hear and experience things that are not there.  We would be vulnerable to feelings of foreboding, or being watched.  We would have a phenomenon of consciousness, devoid of sensory input.  Perhaps even situational awareness.  Déjà vu.  Likewise, we would also be unable to be conscious of something, even if we look directly at it.

Naturally, these are relatively common in medical environments.  These predictions hold true, because there are many such cases of each of these.


Part 3 Mechanics of Psychics

The conclusion should be obvious by now.  The neurons in our brains are able to receive input from quantum non locality.  This would mean that, yes, information would conceivably be transferred to our conscious mind that we would not have access to.

In fact, it is more than likely happening all the time.  To all of us.

A space time geometry can cause wave form collapse in particles and other quantum states.  This is critically important, considering our microtubules in our brains are essentially resonance antennas.  Along with other functions, they literally have harmonic resonance with quantum states.

A Psychic has, probably through the classical conditioning of dopamine reward, been able to resort to input from these synaptic modulations instead of senses.  Just as any sensory input can be emphasized on reward or training basis.

Well then, why can’t they tell me the winning lottery numbers?

They probably are.  Just like you are when you pick lottery numbers.  It is the same mechanism.

Remember, the information that you receive in your synapses from these structures comes from particles and states that don’t exist in the dimensional view that we do.  The numbers that they would feel compelled to volunteer, and the numbers you pick, may indeed correlate with one of the many possible infinite outcomes.

I’d even suggest an experiment, using psychic predictions of lottery numbers vs the randomly computer generated ones.  It would be interesting to see if the numbers they picked were any standard deviations close in form or value to the winning ones.

So what are they actually DOING when they do psychic readings?  They are deactivating parts of their brain.  While imaging scans are hard to find, I did manage to secure one.4_160_PsychicExperience_BrainScan

Would you look at that.  We have a distinct deactivation of several sensory input areas during a psychic channeling event.  Notably the occipital lobe, prefrontal cortex, parietal and temporal.

This is precisely what we would expect when someone is no longer using perception, but intuition.

What is striking is that the PET scans are eerily similar to patients under induced anesthesia.


Which is precisely when phenomenon I mentioned earlier tend to be reported by patients.  Near death experiences, out of body experiences, and others.

It would suggest that in this particular orientation of brain activity, our perception is no longer acting as a filter and instead we can perceive the world around us, unbiased, though subject to quantum probability.

Here is an even creepier proposition for you.

When you dream, you use very limited sensory input.  We know the synaptic firing is subject to a cascade of microtubule resonance.  So are your dreams fictitious?  Or real?

I’d suggest they are a mix of your brain’s unique experiences and impulses stored as memory (also in microtubules,) and the input from these various quantum states, e.g. other probable realities.  People do report precognition in dreams, as well as dreams that communicate relevant information.

The only difference, I would suggest between a “psychic” and a “normal” person, is that the psychic is open enough to have tried this before.  They may have a particular mental state they are familiar with and go into easily, compared to those of us who haven’t.

Likewise, the accuracy of their predictions and deductions are going to be highly subject to probability.  Such that psychic predictive accuracy may only be detected under controlled environments with many hundreds of samples.

Although, some have been accurate enough to catch the attention of government bodies.  Little known, but the Office of Naval Research calls their program Anomalous Mental Cognition, and just received $3.9 million dollars in 2016.  Likewise, here is a FOIA request from CIA.  It is 439 pages, and well sourced.


So yes, the psychic phenomenon is real.  We all share it, and it is statistically significant when it comes to predicting random outcomes.  It seems to coincide with brain development at the onset of puberty, with variations in boys and girls.  The most obvious displays will be in systems with large test volumes, and sample sizes.  Here is a perfect middle ground where the tests of precognition fell just barely short of statistical significance, but only had a sample size of 50 subjects.

It would be logical to assume that, if a biological mechanism is present with which to obtain information remotely via microtubule resonance, that the synapses that harbor successful acquisitions would also be subject to increased modulation and connectivity.  In other words, just like any skill, the employed areas that preform psychic tasks would become more skilled with reward and practice.


I will leave this post with a final consideration.

These quantum states that influence our microtubules, are states that we can impact directly with intention.  In other words, the same antennas that make us psychic work both ways.  It is a topic for a separate post, but we can assert our will on probability.

This would be an expectation and predictive result if the model presented is correct.






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