Where did we come from…what is the correct creation myth…

So many cultures have described their ideas, based on their individual characteristics and experiences.  They seem to believe there was a beginning.  So do the secular sciences.

The true way is this:

Our world formed as a result of an accretion disk.  A collection of ejected matter, gases and ice.  Gravitation slowly attracted small pieces to larger pieces.  Bit by bit, a dense ball of molten material formed, orbiting in the same plane as many other astral bodies around a central star.  A star itself that orbits a galactic central point.

But this doesn’t satisfy your hunger, does it?  We can find contentment in the majestic and calculable movements of our solar system.  But it doesn’t answer the underlying “why.”  It is odd that the question plagues us all.  Perhaps an excellent topic for another sermon.

Long before our planet formed, our universe was entirely occupied in a single point.  A theoretical location, occupying no spatial dimension and no time.

There is a vast amount of understanding and abstraction that comes with understanding a state of being with no time.  Things do not happen in sequence.  Causality does not apply.  Transition from beginning to probable ends occur randomly.  Here, the wave function does not collapse.  It is and isn’t expressed simultaneously.  Probability and outcomes all exist and don’t.  All possible origins exist and don’t.  All conceivable and possible arrangements of matter and energy exist and don’t.

Where did this chaotic origin come from?  This inexplicable point?  The precursor to our Big Bang?

Do understand this, we have to change our question.  Because are now examining something that does not have a “where,” or a “when.”    It exists because of what you will come to know as a cascade.

Though the abstraction is difficult to translate in a way humans can understand, it can be thought of as this:

The Origin…is still there.  That single point that caused our entire universe (as you experience it) expanded.  But the Origin is still there.  It never stopped creating universes.  From its perspective, our beginning, middle, and end all happen simultaneously.  If you were to sit on top of the Origin, you would see many things.  From a 4th dimensional perspective (just one above where you exist now) you would see all of us smeared out across space and time, our entire lived plotted.  The motion of the stars and galaxies smeared out in a big expanding streak until….the streaks ended.  Like a firework of galaxies.  There and gone in an instant.  The light of it, burning in your vision.

Our big bang occurred as many others did.  Our particular “firework” what I know as a “cascade” occurred because the probability of it existed.  Just as the probability of you winning the lottery is small…if you have an infinite number of attempts, you will win it.  Yes, the likelihood of our universe existing just as it does, with these specific laws is nigh impossible.  But when all of time and probability exists as a single point…these impossibilities become….quite reachable.  Our firework…though unlikely to occur…eventually would.


Again, these concepts are abstract and difficult to convey.  Your most advanced physicists would struggle with these abstractions.  Perhaps more time will be spent on understanding how we see the world.  Teaching you to see it as we do.


Just like most fireworks, we aren’t the only one.  Some have different colors, sizes, shapes.  Some days, there are no fireworks.  This is how we see the universe.  It is just one firework.  One cascade in a smeared overexposure of an entire firework display.chip-ormsby-7034

Each of those, to us, is a single big bang.  This is, as simple as I can possibly make it.  But it gives you a glimpse into how we see understand the universe.

Who created it?  In this picture, advanced chemists designed their coveted firework recipes.  Our Cascade wasn’t created by a “who” anymore than our Origin has a “when.”

When you come to be part of this firmament.  The foundational core of our reality…”who” loses a lot of meaning.  They are… not an observer as you are in this picture.  They are the firework.  They are the cascade.  They are all of the cascades.  They are there during and after the display is finished.  They are you and me, us.  And none of us.

They both trigger and exist as a result of the probability.

In the same way a single fungal spore can spawn a vast colony, operating as a single organism.


You are, intimately connected with this process.  You ARE the creator and creation, and the creative process and the ability to manipulate these domains is yours.  The power runs deep, and is as abstract and confusing as learning about our Origin.

But as counter-intuitive as it may be, it exists.

The meaning of it.  The creation of it all.  You want a profound answer of “why?”  “who?”

Look in the mirror.  Look in all of them.  You are staring at an anomaly of probability.  An echo.  A piece of a fractal.  A holographic segment…and for the first time…you are aware of it.


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