The first thing to know…



This is among the hardest things to answer in the process of learning these ways.  Learning about power.  It takes a certain effort to step back in time and remember what it was like to have none.

While I could go on a long biographical monologue, there is no need.  I’ve helped so many people wake up, and I find there are so many similarities.

#1.  They feel they are the subject of a cruel game.  Unlucky.  Or the victim of incredible oppression.

#2.  The mistreatment, poverty, or abuse has gone on for years.

#3.  Suicide is often contemplated.

#4.  No one understands.  They insist they do, but there is no possible way.


Sound like you?  It might.  It use to be me when I was young.  This darkness we fall into can be spurred on by neglect, abuse, starvation, chronic fear, social alienation…  But there is a way out.

When I say “a way out,”  I don’t mean a way to feel…normal.  It doesn’t work like that.  What I’m about to teach is the first step in becoming, ultimately, the most powerful force on the planet.  Are you ready?



Its your fault.



Those three words cut me like a knife.  I was furious.  Enraged.  How dare someone say that?  I was not sexually abusing myself.  I was not locking myself in a basement.  I was not forbidding myself to read.  My fault?!

Yes.  And yours.  Let me explain how, before you leave a nasty comment.


There are advanced quantum mechanics in our neurobiology.  As if neurobiology wasn’t hard enough to understand.  I will provide the in-depth details in another post about the physics of it.  Understanding it helped me master it.  But for the basics I’ll tell you two things:

First, your brain changes its channel in a process called “neuro-plasticity.”  Basically, the connections in your mind are able to bend, break, and reshape.  For some, they may have a noise or smell that is associated with a negative image.  Or, accustomed to prayer at a certain time, they do it without fail.  Some recite poetry, or songs with perfect detail.

Every time you use a connection, it gets stronger.  If you don’t use one, it gets weaker.  If you have sad, defeated thought, ideas, and emotions….then those thoughts, ideas, and emotions are easier to think about the next time around.

People burdened by the darkness I mentioned above…aren’t acting.  Their brain has literally changed itself over time to BE negative.  This makes the healing process as difficult as any obsession.  An abused person will still feel and live like they are abused for years after their liberation.


Almost there.  Remember.  It is your fault.


Secondly, your brain also acts upon the reality you experience in a profound way.  It literally changes the world around you.  Again, the details of HOW this works will be outlined in a later section.

Everything.  All of the things you complained about are there because of you.


So what do we have?  A brain that controls the universe, and a driver of the brain.  This whole time, you’ve been thinking about…and thus CREATING your reality.


It is at this point, I sometimes lose a few people in the room.  It is just too…grandiose.  Too good to be true.  Ludicrous.


“Besides,” they tell me, “If my brain could really do that, how come I’m not in some far away place, living as a princess by now?  Why don’t daydreams come true?”

Excellent question.  I always get it.  If my thoughts of escape, and fantasy yield nothing, then clearly Priest is a liar.


No, I’m not a liar.  I’m just teaching something very hard to understand.  But once you learn it, you will become unstoppable.

Your thoughts do yield something.  All the time.  Ever wake up and just know that the day will suck, and it does?  Ever hear a word or a phrase that is incredibly rare, but hear it again for the next three weeks?  Ever play a song in your head, and turn on the radio…only to hear it?  Did you know that the effect of our minds is so powerful, that we use it as the basis for testing our drugs?

Drugs are tested against a sugar pill to see if they really work.  Patients don’t know whether they have the real drug or not.  Then, we measure how successful the pill was compared to the placebo (the fake pill.)  It helps us understand how good our drug is.

But something freaky happens.  The placebo people…still get better.  That is a link to a peer reviewed article.  It shows that some placebo patients saw changes.  In appetite, lifestyle, pain reduction…even tumor presence decreased.  All because they believed….


Remember its all your fault.  This is the first stumbling block.


Am I saying you can cure cancer with your mind?  My honest answer would be, yes.  Something anomalous happens in our minds that affects significant control over, not just our bodies, but reality itself.

This is the second stumbling block.  You can affect change in reality just by thinking about it.


With these two ideas in people’s heads, I get one or two reactions.  Sometimes they’ll give up and decide someone who introduced themselves as Priest is certifiably insane.

Other times it clicks.  Flood gates open, and they realize the bigger picture.


All of the poison in your life, the darkness, is your fault BECAUSE you can control reality itself.


The thing that sounds crazy….that you hate to hear….  Funny how two separate statements are insulting and crazy.  Respectively.

But when you put them together…it makes your heart beat faster.  You start thinking back… am I controlling reality?

Yes.  When you were certain the day would be bad, you altered reality to fit that belief.  When you were in pain, or afraid, and the thing you feared happened, that was it.  When you thought of a song, reality shifted to make that song available.  When you think, over and over, about all the terrible things in your life….about how bad you want to escape….


Its your fault.


Those three words have become the most powerful words I know.  Responsibility for the negative, means power to control everything.


“You’re lying, Priest.  Why wouldn’t my daydreams come true?”  Because most people are daydreaming about how they would react to a current ill.  Or how bad they want away from some kind of pain.

The collapse of the wave function (changing your reality) doesn’t care how badly you want something or not.  It just selects the channel that makes the most sense with your thoughts.

So when you think, I would kill her if I could.  Reality is going to change to make that thought true.  It will select a convenient female antagonist in your life and make her more present.  Yuck.

Or I wish I had more money.  That’s a big one.  Reality will actively change to make that statement become true.  It will arrange outcomes in such a way that makes you with that.  I wish I had more money.  That is like asking the television to show you a station that makes you feel poor.


I want out of this relationship.  He hates me.  Is that really what you want to think?  To dwell on?  Because it will be made so.  Reality will change to make that statement as true as possible.  Never mind the statement; even if you FEEL these things, reality has to change to make life fit those thoughts, ideas, and emotions.


When I realized that the pain in my life was my fault, and subsequently under my control, it was an epiphany.  I began to think differently.  To feel differently.  Imagine differently.  The trick was holding onto my thoughts, ideas and emotions as if the life I wanted was true.  There is a trick to it.  Thinking the right way.

Wrong:  “I want a lot of money.”

Right:  “I have a lot of money.”  (even if it is currently false.)


Wrong:  “Someday I’ll get out of here.”

Right:  “I’m living the life I want, with the woman I love.”  (even if it is currently false.)


Wrong:  “These people are unjust.  I will get revenge.”

Right:  “There are no wrong people in my life.  Justice has always been served.”  (even if it seems untrue.)


The trick is not to think about wanting something, but to imagine an ideal as already true.  You have to practice as well…imagine the ideal and really FEEL it.  Trust me, I was locked back into the basement many times, tears in my eyes, and fought past them to FEEL like the life I wanted was true.  I didn’t focus on the wanting…I focused on having it.  How it would feel to hold her again.  How it would feel to have a home.  To have money.  Security.  Food.  Maybe even so much food that I felt full.

My change was immediate.  My brain began to “re-wire” to shape itself and be aware of opportunities that would bring me these desires.  Reality itself, too, bent around me.  A mysterious check arrived in the mail.  It allowed me to escape.  I found a job with a company that treated me well.  I have a house, I’m married.

There are a thousand smaller little circumstances, oddities, and twists of fortune that happened for me.  And for many others.  The only warning I can provide is this:  Be ready.  The changes start happening in ways you’d never expect.  They also happen…retroactively.

People you met, things you read, some trinket you found months or days ago will be part of this process.  An example (real life) would be losing a key to your house.  An awful inconvenience.  But a month or two later, it is forgotten.  You lose your new key and, behold.  Right before your eyes…the first one you lost.

Even reading this…even LEARNING how to change things…what drove you here?  Coincidence?  Or did you actually try to do what I recommended, which affected a past decision…


I know, I know.  A reasonable skeptic would call that a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Of course, all I’m doing is getting someone to change their attitude, which naturally makes them open to other ideas.  Nothing magical.  Nothing special.


This thought flickered through my head for a few seconds, before I realized…this is far beyond chances and attitudes.  Something profound was happening here.


To Sum up:  You create your reality by the thoughts, ideas, and emotions you have.  Thus, it is all your fault.  Thus…you have untold power to change it.  Even bending reality and probability to your favor.  Imagine the outcome you want.  FEEL IT.  Never focus on the wanting of it.  You have to be grateful for it, as if you already have it.  Do it.  All day.  Make it a habit.  Then…sit back and watch.


Tips and tricks:

  1.  Always be grateful for the thing you imagine.  Even if you don’t have it yet.
  2. FEEL the joy that comes with imagination, the thoughts and ideas.
  3. Create a vision board.  A collage of images that represent your dreams.  Look at it every day.
  4. Do not let negativity in.  Even if someone is actively beating you, never let them win.  Retreat into those thoughts and hang on to them.  Imagine.  Dream.  To spite evil.


You’ll find, if you take this advice, the same thing I did.  Not only will your life start changing, but this technique works for much…much more than money and houses.



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