Damatic sunset sky


To explain the foundations of the faith would take several months of rigorous classes in physics, biology, neurology and psychology.

Know this:

  1.  It does not contradict any religion.  Often, it supplements the practices and teachings of others.
  2. It validates the teachings in others.  Instead of witnesses a miracle, we study their function, their mechanism.
  3. We do not preach hate in any form, and for critical reasons.
  4. This knowledge, these teachings, will change you.  Permanently.  Approach with an open mind, but do so cautiously.


The studies and teachings in Aeternum (Latin for “eternal”) are based on scientific discovery, the manipulation of the world around us, and understanding our lives from the perspective of gods.

This knowledge allows you to see how they see.  It can answer every paradox.  It is the understanding of a unified theory.  It connects all faiths, it is the cornerstone to human thought.

“Why does god allow children to suffer?”  The knowledge shows you why.  The answer is not “his plan.”

“Do we have free will?”  This is answered too.

“What are dreams?”

“Where is consciousness?”

“What happens when we die?”

“Are ghosts real?”

All answered.  All understood.  Not a single answer conflicts with science or any religion.  Just as it should be.


This faith, this knowledge…is empowering.  Beyond your wildest dreams (literally in some cases.)  With it comes serenity.  Confidence.  Power.  Impossible Power.


Without diving into the complex fractal of this knowledge, know that this power behaves strangely.  It changes your life.  But it can also affect your past.  Even change you..retroactively.

What do I mean by this?  By accessing this knowledge, our power, you will find that odd coincidences occur.  You’ll become, oddly, lucky.

Even reading this, the promise of this unique knowledge and power.  It is, more than likely, because part of you in the future changed the past….where you occupy now.  Relatively.  Your future self changed things and made this introduction happen.  Even me, writing this, might have been influenced by the power you will have.

Yet, even this, is just a tiny fraction of the power you will come to discover.  The question is, do you dare to learn it?


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